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Bending machines, cutting machines, laser machines routine maintenance
润之数控原创      [2007-10-9]
1. Shearing Machine, bending machine 

     The maintenance of the same
     1. Cleaning machinery around, remove unnecessary items
     2. Inspection of oil, add the correct oil to the oil-circular top of the center, the implementation of the Oil Change.
     3. Cleaning and lubrication countertops, mold, tool, and by the middle plate -
@ Mouse rest for a long time, very easy to create problems, which should normally area - and eliminate sources of food and rodent control; Electricity lines were resolved and mouse urine, are often the main cause of failure, we must check the closure and some good gap to destroy rats inaccessible.
@ Attention to the mechanical part, whether rat feces, obviously, shredding or wire phenomenon has been resolved and so on the existence of things can be judged whether the rodent.
@ Cleaning, lubricating oil for use defined A110 oil or oil equivalent, long vacation, may be by antirust oil, but should avoid using butter, so his dust.
@ Hydraulic oil to use designated defined oil or the equivalent oil, oil daily round of inspection of the fuel, and regular replacement of a year.
• bending machine parts (RG)
1. After regulation Motor clean: shutdown
A. Carefully open the familiar word to the two motor brush and check-out brush length, and the use of clean
B. The compressed air to clean two dry holes
2. The ceiling set dial: shutdown
A. Introduction of dial-in mechanical rear medial manual turntable with the before and after rotation
B. A110 lubricating oil, cloth Shicheng again Lubrication
C. repeat the above steps until the clean-based.
The most cutting machines: M S / M
A. foot switch inspections:

Indeed check their wiring protection of whether injury or deformation

Easy deformation caused a short circuit switch and cut the risk of misuse, it shall replace the tube.

B. Shear automatically contact:

1. After inspection regulation, and the spiral wire tap wiring damage there?

2. Automatic location of the contact pads whether insulation injury?

3. Contact conditions and automatically adjust appropriate or not?

C. manual lubrication system inspections:

1. Lubrication AT-150 to limit press the manual pump position,

2. Check whether the ball in the left window?

3. Contact conditions and automatically adjust appropriate or not?
2. Laser Machine

    Cool part

    Cool the fault occurrence and inefficiencies largely by the radiator and cooling water too soiled dust plug caused by the wall, for the above reasons to make maintenance.

    Radiator cleaning, use of clean Air Compressor, blowing from the bottom up (to cooling fans started blowing again):

    Requests for water cooling water quality test, a test every week, when the conductivity when more than 20 ppm * Change requests should, preferably in each of the remaining provisions of cleaning solution used AMADA cleansing, which is a mirror and a pipeline to maintain smooth. (Water can be tested for water suppliers to purchase)

Dust-catching part

    Dust-collection of dust-catching good effect or not, related to the health of operators and machinery surroundings clean or not, may be hurt if the unclean and mechanical transmission parts and the internal vibration, such as lenses.

    There were buffeting dust dust-collection role, the use of anhydrous Air Compressor drying Requests for the Air Compressor oil-free, to avoid filter plugging, and every year should be a new replacement.

    Filter please clean dismantled once a week, to avoid filter pore blockage by the short life and dust-catching effect.

Dust-collection device for use and safety

    The Company's dust-collection device used by the filter is not weaving, and the highest heat-resistant material over 120 ° C will be burning (laser machine fire risk can not be totally ruled out, therefore, provide the following methods of prevention)

    Requests for regular cleaning dust-catching dust, particularly in the processing time after the end of the high-temperature molten slag will be produced in high-temperature dust-collection device internal scene, and a combustion phenomena.

    Cutting wood or containing resin material, recommends that you not to open the dust-collection device, otherwise these will be the resin filter pore over obstruction, wait for the next cutting plate sparks generated by inhalation, the cause combustion problems.

    Cutting Aluminum, likely to cause sparks and high-temperature gas, it is recommended that you not to open the dust-collection device, in order to prevent high temperature combustion problems.
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