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CNC laser cutting technology
润之数控原创      [2007-10-9]
The principle of laser cutting

     Laser cutting is used confocal microscopy to laser beam focused on the material surface, the material melting, and the laser beam at the same time using the coaxial compressed gases blown off by melting materials, and materials along with the laser beam for a certain trajectory relative movement, a certain shape to the kerf.

Application of laser cutting areas 
     Machine tools, construction machinery, electrical switch manufacturer, elevator manufacturing, food machinery, textile machinery, locomotive manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, machinery, food machinery, special cars, petroleum machinery manufacturing, aerospace, environmental protection equipment, household electrical appliances manufacturing, silicon steel plates, and other large machinery and electrical system making processing industries.

The laser cutting notable advantages
1. High accuracy: positioning accuracy of 0.05 mm and 0.02 mm repeat positioning accuracy
2. Kerf narrow: laser beam focused into a very small point, the focus of the Department achieved a high power density, material quickly heated to vaporization of a hole evaporation. With a relatively linear beams and material movement so that the holes for a very narrow width of the kerf. General incision width of 0.10 mm and 0.20 mm.

3. Cutting surface smooth: no burr cutting surface, the surface roughness incision in Ra12.5 general control within.
4. Speed: cutting speed up to 10 m / min, maximum positioning speed up to 70 m / min, the cutting speed than the line much faster.
5. Cutting quality: Non-contact cutting, trimming heating little effect, the basic thermal deformation of the workpiece does not entirely avoid the formation of shear at the edge of collapse, kerf does not require secondary processing in general.
6. No injury Workpiece: laser cutting head does not contact with the surface material, and ensure that no scratches workpiece.
7. The material was cut from the hardness impact: laser can plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, carbide, etc. for processing, no matter what kind of hardness, deformation can be carried out without cutting.
8. From the shape of the workpiece: laser processing flexible, and can be arbitrary graphics processing, cutting pipe and other Profile.
9. Can non-metallic conducted Cutting: such as plastics, wood, PVC, leather, textiles, such as plexiglass.
10. Conservation Die investment: laser processing need not die, no mold consumption, die without repair, replacement of mold saving time, saving processing costs, lower production costs, especially for bulky products processing.
11. Material savings: A computer programming can be the products of different shapes of the whole set of the Conference Board, maximize the utilization of improved materials.
12. Increase speed the development of new products: Product drawings formed, it can be carried out immediately laser processing, in the shortest possible time by the kind of new products.
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